Packing for a big move can be a hassle

Packing Up For a Big Move

I feel like grumpy cat. I’m surrounded by cardboard boxes, and I have no desire to play in a single one. In fact, I’m supposed to be packing them. That’s right. After all that work apartment hunting, Manfriend, my other ginger roommate (I seem…

July 28, 2016
Get to know Manfriend

Get to Know Manfriend

I’ve been pouring my musings onto the interwebs for your perusal for more than a year now, and I keep mentioning this elusive character who’s offered me advice, taken trips with me and laughed at me. He’s the giant leprechaun knight in shining armor…

July 12, 2016
Seven fireworks safety tips for your Fourth of July

Seven Fireworks Safety Tips

No fun is worth your fingers… On the nights I manage to peel Manfriend away from the Xbox, we spend our nights watching the dumbest things on Youtube. Sometimes it’s top ten videos, sometimes it’s snippets of news, but recently they’ve been “fail” videos…

June 30, 2016
Here's how to find the perfect present for your loved one!

Birthday Present Conundrum

Houston, we have a  present problem. Manfriend is going to be a quarter century old. As I sat at my desk a few weeks ago, looking at manly stores on my computer screen, I was at a loss. I was totally SOL because I…

June 23, 2016
Here's how to survive this election cycle without killing those you love.
Humor The Sevens

Seven Ways to Not Kill Your Friends This Election Cycle

Gird your loins, people. While we try our best to be responsible and intelligent information gatherers, you and I both know some of our Facebook friends have more hunter than gatherer instinct. With the election rolling around — and two not-so-hot candidates to choose…

June 21, 2016