About the Decade

Your 20s. It’s a time of exploration. It’s a time of finding yourself. It’s when you become an adult, changing from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Blah, blah blah. It’s the decade when you’re cast out into the sea of life sans net and must learn to swim.

College, drinking, relationships, apartments, bills, debt, careers. I feel you. You’re not hanging in the kiddie pool anymore. High school and the ever-exhausting teenage years are behind you. But now you’re dealing with college, post grad or your first what-the-heck-is-a-401k job. It’s scary. So where to next? Are you going to grab that compass or get lost?

That’s what I’m here for. I will be hanging out in the lifeboat with a pair of water wings to toss you when life starts to drag you under (Ok, I’m done with the nautical metaphors, I swear). Because while your many formative years have already molded you into who you are, this decade is the proving ground where you learn what to do with it.

Let’s prove ourselves together.

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